Content Moderation API

Marsview Content Moderation API service automatically classifies, filters and redacts inappropriate, obscene, racist, unsuitable, sensitive, offensive, profane and NSFW content in text, image and video data streams on chat channels in real-time.

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  • How does Content Moderation work on chats conversations?

    By integrating Content Moderation API with the chat collaboration channels, chat administrators can make sure that every user-generated content submission is appropriate and permissible in accordance with the rules and regulations of the company.

  • How does Content Moderation work for Images and Videos?

    Applications that store and distribute images and videos can integrate Content Moderation API to remove harmful content before it reaches the end-users. PII in images or NSFW content can lead to compliance violations and impact brand reputation.

  • What is the Marsview API platform?

    Marsview conversation self-service API platform offers a comprehensive suite of proprietary APIs and developer tools for automatic speech recognition, speaker separation, multi-modal emotion and sentiment recognition, intent recognition, time-sequenced visual recognition, and more. Designed for the demanding Call Center environments (CCAI) that handle millions of outbound and inbound sales and support calls.
    Marsview APIs provide end-to-end workflows from call listening, recording, insights generation, and Voice of Customer Insights. Conversation APIs are also used in one-on-one to many-to-many conversations and meetings to automatically generate rich contextual feedback, key topics, moments, actions, Q&A, and summaries.



Pass a text file or an image or video input for processing.

Pass a text or an image or video stream for processing.

Synchronous live streams

We support live streaming for select APIs and models. Please review the documentation for details.


JSON format

API output data is delivered in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

Chat Moderation

PII redaction

Automatically detect and replace sensitive data like passwords, credit card numbers and social security numbers,in the transcription text.

Block grey words

Automatic detection and redaction of grey words or banned words in chat conversations.

Contextual text filters

Context-based text filter and classification detects and removes harmful content before it is seen by end-users.

Contact safety detection

Automatically detect sensitive content in your transcriptions, such as content involving cyberbullying, sexual harassment, hate speech, violent threats, suicide/self-harm, PII, drugs, weapons, NSFW content and more.

Image Moderation

Content safety detection

Automatically detect images that contain violence, weapons, gore, drugs, explicit nudity, or suggestive nudity.

Video Moderation

Content safety detection

Automatically detect frames in video that contain violence, weapons, gore, drugs, explicit nudity, or suggestive nudity.


Custom vocabulary

Add banned words to the denied list or images of faces to be detected for custom filtering.

Security and Support Declaration

High uptime and 24x7 support

99.9% uptime with always-on support via email, chat and web call.

Robust security

Marsview encrypts all data via 256-bit SSL encryption and complies with GDPR and CCPA standards.

Deployment options

Optimized for public cloud and private on-premise deployments.

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Use cases
  • Content-filtering and live moderation of chat channels
  • PII detection and redaction
  • NSFW, toxic content removal from workplace
  • Social media application moderation
  • Protect your brand and reduce your legal risks
  • User and community retention
  • Faster ROI with automation
  • Plug and play In-app Integration