Contact Center Intelligence

Everything you need to nail your next customer call.

Everything you need to measure CX and improve CSAT.

Every brand interaction must be impressive for customers

Make Every Conversation Count

Contact Centre agents are typically provided post-call performance metrics. Enable them to constantly learn and improve their customer alignment KPIs by providing real-time inputs and insights. Empower and enable your employees to delight the customer.



Self-service Automation

Create Intelligent Virtual Agents to perform tasks and handle questions with a human-like conversational experience, without a single line of code.


Real-time Assistance

Allow agents to respond to customer needs quickly during their calls and chats by identifying intent and providing real-time, step-by-step assistance.


Conversation Analytics

Analyze previously recorded calls and chats to help contact center managers learn about customer interactions and improve quality and call outcomes.



PII Redaction

Detect and redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in chat conversations, customer emails, support tickets, product reviews, social media, and more. Redacting PII occurrences helps protect privacy and comply with local laws and regulations. Examples of PII: Bank/Credit Card account numbers, Driving License number, SSNs, passwords etc.



Protect your brand reputation by using content filtering to detect profanity, flag text that is Not Suitable For Work (NSFW), detect offensive images/videos shared on corporate networks, etc. This process can be carried out, both, in real-time or batch mode.


Real-time Insights

Issue resolution is one of the most important outcomes of a customer call. Real-time assistance and insights help agents take prompt action during the call and improve resolution rates. Save time and improve customer satisfaction by using our APIs for on-call coaching and mentoring. Learn more about how Marsview helps agents with real-time actionable insights.


ID & V

Automate ID & V of every inbound call through Marsview NLU APIs to help decrease call-handling time and reduce error rate. Personal data of customers such as their unique reference or account number, postcode, passcode, date of birth etc can be verified using our NLU APIs.


Out-Of-Office Service

Automate specific tasks such as customer data collection, information dissemination, password resets etc. to replace human agents when they are unavailable or out of office. Marsview offers a simple low-code interface to program these tasks and train the outbound calling services.


Screen Recording Analytics

Record, monitor and analyze agent screens to help improve performance and for training purposes. Marsview allows you to embed a desktop service for screen capture and associated audio for a detailed visual transcript. Metadata from this can be used to visualize topic, sentiment and resolution time metrics.


Contact Center Intelligence solutions are critical to the following listed industries to deliver best-in-class customer service and experience.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Financial institutions and banks to lenders, collection agencies, stock brokerages and insurance companies rely on the call center intelligence to Solve, Serve and Sell to customers.

Business Process Outsourcing

Provide critical services like payroll, human resources (HR) and accounting, collections or handle inbound and outbound calls for clients from the call center.

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Manage inbound and outbound operations such as customer query resolution, selling and prospecting, and information delivery and customer communication management.


Patients and the hospitals rely on contact centers for outpatient care, medical insurance, pharmacy support, appointments, payments and collections.


Managing production, sales and service operations cannot run without the use of contact centers for customer outreach and loyalty services.


From customer acquisition, retention, billing and customer care to selling new services, telecom companies rely heavily on contact centers to run daily operations.

Restaurants and Food Services

Customers reach the restaurants and share their feedback, complaints, suggestions, etc. via the contact centers which is critical for the brand and loyalty management.

Travel, Hospitality and Transportation

Travel and hotel reservations, cancellations, travel assistance and overall customer service is offered through call centers.